At AOA we recycle plastic hard-cups and bottles. And, we need your help here! Here are some rules to keep our beloved festival waste-free.​


- When you purchase your first drink at the bar, you will pay a one-time fee of 1 euro for your beverage container (cup/bottle).

Exchange your cup or bottle for a fresh one or a recycle token. 

IMPORTANT: a cup (or token) CANNOT be exchanged for money at the bar. 

This token can be handed in for a new cup/ bottle later on.

Leaving the festival? Keep your token! It contains a unique code. Use this code to register for the Early Access sale of AOA2020 and join the competition to win AOA2020 tickets or AOA merchandise!

So, how's this for a WIN-WIN-WIN situation:

We'll be saving tons of plastic.

We'll be keeping the Gaasperpark super clean and beautiful.

You'll be drinking from a firm cup, which actually feels like regular glass.

For a 1 euro investment, you'll get early access to the 2020 ticket sales and chance to win fantastic benefits and prizes. 

Any questions regarding our sustainable system? Just shoot them off to our e-mail