What to do? Where to go?

Don’t miss the T-Room

Are you prepping for your perfect Amsterdam Open Air weekend? Then we have some news for you! There is a place you cannot miss, it’s called the T-Room and it will be your home away from home at Amsterdam Open Air.

The Lipton T-Room is the place where you can come with your friends, to drink your favorite cocktails or mocktails, chill, dance, laugh and where you will create crazy memories. The T-room consists of three floors, each with their own theme.

Pipette Roulette

To get the party started and to spice things up a bit, you can play Pipette Roulette, the dare-devil shot game available at the T-Room. Keep your cool as you find out who’s got the spicy shot! Cool down with one of our 5 delicious cocktails, or get a pitcher for you and all your friends to enjoy together.

House Party

Moving up a floor in the T-Room you will stumble on one of the best-kept secrets of Amsterdam Open Air, your very own house party! Changing into whatever mood you are in, the party folk of ‘Je Suis Energy’ will cater to your musical needs suitable for a house party. To win your own house party with your friends at AOA 2017, check out our FB Page!

An Addict Attic

Remember when the attic was your playground? So it is again in the Lipton T-Room. Set your best Mario cart score or play Yellow Twister for the fun of it, find out your best friends secrets with some hard to crack ‘Truth or Dare’  assignments or just lie back and enjoy the best views of Amsterdam Open Air.

Whatever you and your friends are into make it your own during Amsterdam Open Air at the Lipton T-Room.
It is the place for you to enjoy the fun and laughter that comes with Amsterdam Open Air.