To minimize our ecological footprint over the festival weekend, we’re implementing several initiatives to help us achieve our ambitious goals. To care for our environment is not a luxury choice anymore, nor should it be something to brag or just do for show. It is something vital we all must do our part in and we are happy to contribute and do what we can for the planet.


The food stands we collaborate with are carefully selected. Each stand  contributes a tremendous amount to our green initiatives. Together, we strive to use  100% organic products during AOA. We love rewarding those who do good, so every food stand gets rewarded when they choose to implement our Green Goals. Eventually, all the GFT waste gets turned into compost, which will be used at ‘Langerlust’ to grow new vegetables! We make the circle go round again!


To ensure ‘Gaasperpark’ is as beautiful at the end of the festival as it was before it began, we follow the leave no trace principle. Green teams will be working their asses off during the festival, giving back to the ‘Gaasperpark’, ensuring it’s kept green and clean: our AOA crew will use AOA crew-bottles instead of plastic bottles, hard reusable cups will be used at the camping, and all food stands will be separating their ‘GFT’ waste that will get turned into compost. Even your trips to the toilet will serve our planet this weekend! We will be collecting it all to create fertilizer.

Can you imagine the plastic waste when someone decides to leave their tent behind? This year, if a tent is left to waste, we will collect it and recycled into materials used for festival canopies for AOA 2018.  Waste not, want not!

Energy & Transport

We’re proud to announce that the entire AOA Camping is 100% powered by renewable solar and wind energy!  We have a clever electricity plan that uses things like battery powered street lanterns and electric scooters.

Our electricity partners are Greenbattery and Watt NOW. We make efforts to ensure that public transport is easily accessible for everyone when traveling to and from AOA. Be sure to check out our discounted NS Return tickets and for all the Amsterdammer festival-goers  amongst us? Simply cycle or take the metro.

You can be the change!

Every year we ask everyone on the guest list to donate a small fee and this year is no different – collaborative small efforts make a big positive impact. Donations will be used by Livebuild to support their charity projects abroad.

That’s not all! YOU can make a meaningful contribution to AOA’s Sustainable Story. It’s the simple and small changes, like using the garbage bins and not throwing away your tent, after one festival weekend, that keeps our festival clean and green. Together we will make a positive impact on the environment.