What to wear to Amsterdam Open Air 2017? With the festival getting closer everyday, it’s the question on everyone’s lips! Don’t panic! We’ve checked out the hottest summer trends on the runways and high streets and put together a shortlist of the must this summer. Let’s get the festival spirit started!

And, if we had to put this season’s festival fashion into one word? C O L O U R! ♥

6. Colourful Sunglasses

The very ’00s eyewear trend is coming back in a big way. Coloured sunglasses are a definite must have for your festival look this year. Want to bang on trend? Go for pink, purple or emerald tinted lenses!

5. Big Earrings

The bigger the better & colour is King. Think big tassel earrings with fringes; they’re hot this festival season. We love this colourful bohemian trend big time. You can even make your own  earrings! Put a pop of colour to any festival outfit with eye catching oversized earrings.

4. The Denim dream

Never has a summer been so full of denim as the summer of  2017. Choose a vintage, skinny, boyfriend, raffled, or flare and customize it with pins and patches. It doesn’t really matter which model you choose, so long as it’s denim! Want to go for the real deal? Double denim, top and bottom! A denim dream!

3. Embroidered Everything

Embroidery is everywhere this summer! Flowers, birds, leafs, ethnic patterns, you name it! If your piece of clothing is covered by it, you’re on point for this trend! Go for a transparent dress or shirt with embroidery, if you’re feeling free spirited!  We cannot get enough of this this beautiful trend, seen everywhere from we see catwalks to high street shops.

2. Sunglasses Chain

It used to just be a ‘handy’ accessory, used by your grandpa to protect him from losing his sunglasses, but now it evolved to a true festival-must-have. They come in all sorts and sizes. We love the golden ones with a subtle colored detail. Go wild; get a chain to match your oversized earrings!

1.  Coloured hair

Of all the trends we’ve seen this summer, coloured hair is our favorite. Pimp your blonde locks with pastel pink or dip dye your dark hair ends in turquoise. With this edgy look, you are totally festival ready. L’Oréal Colorista is the solution for a quick colour boost! The collection consists of seven color sprays that disappear after one shampoo session. There‘s nine ‘washouts’ that will slowly fade away when you wash your hair, too. We want to see rainbow hair everywhere!

Getting curious? Good!

All throughout Amsterdam Open Air you can get your own colourful festival look styled by one of the professional Colorista hairstylists! #doityourway.