Frequently asked camping questions

The Gaasper Camping is easily reachable by public transport. There are limited parking spaces available, which are only accessible if you have purchased a parking ticket in advance. Parking tickets can be purchased via

However, we strongly recommend using public transport.

The Camping can be reached by taking metro 53 in direction ‘Gaasperplas’. At the last metro stop (Gaasperplas), you can follow the signs to the campsite.

If public transport is not an option for you and you have purchased a parking ticket, you can simply navigate to Loosdrechtdreef 7, Amsterdam (1108 AZ).

The parking lot is situated near the campsite. Cars are not allowed on the grounds, but we’re sure you’ll be able to walk the last few meters. We can’t say it often enough: there are no parking facilities UNLESS you have a parking ticket. (Parking tickets can be purchased via

When you arrive at the campsite, your Festival & Campingticket will be scanned at the entrance of the Camping. As the AOA campsite is fully green and sustainable we ask you not to print you tickets we ask you to not print your ticket, but have it scanned from your phone.

Yes, we can! Lucky you. At you can reserve one of our five different camping packages. Starting from €49 for a sustainable cardboard tent for two persons, up to a luxurious Moonlight Lodge with real beds, pillows, duvets, outdoor lanterns, a mirror, table and beach chairs.

At the Camping, it’s ‘first come, first served’, so arrive early to claim a nice spot for your tent.

We will open the Camping at 12.00 on Friday the 2nd of June, as of this time you can check in. Checking in is possible until 23:00. On Saturday and Sunday, the gates will open again at 09:00 and stay open until 21:00. Friday evening will be busy so we advise you to arrive early, even if it is only to claim a good spot for your tent.

The campsite must be completely cleared by Monday, June 5th at 12.00. Make sure to set an alarm if you don’t want your tent to be removed. It will be very busy at the Camping in the morning.

Please leave your big tents at home, we only allow tents for up to six people.

If you want to bring a mobile home or caravan, you have to make a reservation in advance. You can do this by sending an email to The costs are €50 in addition to your Camping ticket, which you can pay at the Camping’s reception. The staff will help you find a spot. These spots are limited so be quick.

Only people with a Camping wristband are allowed to access the campsite. Visitors without this wristband are not allowed on the premises. If your new friend has a wristband, he or her can enter.

With your premium ticket you get WiFi access, electricity, take-a-way breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. And last but not least: an AOA2017 Goodie!

In addition to your tent, good vibes and a good behaviour, you are also allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

Don’t worry; there is a Camping Supermarket for all your basic needs. Also, the best coffee and breakfast stands are ready to give you your perfect morning kick-start. There’s also a Camping Bar, that’s open until 04:00.

Anything dangerous. Weapons, objects like knives or scissors, (fire) arms, fireworks, drugs, candles, barbecues, torches, oil/gas lamps, glass bottles and aerosols are not allowed at the campsite. Because they not only ruin the atmosphere, they’re also harmful for everyone’s safety. And no, you can’t bring your pet either.

You can collect a shower token at the reception every morning by showing your Camping wristband. With this token you can take a refreshing shower in one of the sanitary buildings, at any time of the day. This year, we also have portable shower cabins on the campsite where you can take a shower without a token and there is a wellness area where you can treat yourself with a nice spa treatment to freshen up.

Yes, we’ll have powerbanks for rent at the campsite. This is a portable battery to charge your phone on the go. In 1.5 hours, it will fully charge your battery. Premium Ticket holders get a power outlet to their use. We advise you to bring an extension cord.

Yes there is. For €5, you can buy a WiFi-card that gives you a weekend long WiFi-access. These cards are available at the Camping info-stand. If you have a Campingticket Premium, WiFi is included.

Yes, loads! If you like non-stop entertainment by the finest musicians, the craziest DJs that know how to throw endless parties, Silent Discos, yoga, Silent-Disco-Yoga, wild costume parties, luxurious wellness and the best breakfast and coffee in Amsterdam, the AOA Camping is the place to be for you. That’s for sure. Check out our whole program at (LINK)

Please first check the FAQ before contacting us. E-mails containing questions of which the answers can be found on the website will not be answered. Haven’t found your answer in the FAQ? Please send an email to