How to turn your AOA Camping neighbours into your new BFCFF’s

(Best Festival Camping Friend Forever)


  • Don’t judge a book by its cover! AOA attracts all kinds of people and that’s something we’re really proud of. Maybe chatting with your camping neighbours will be the perfect opportunity to meet a person from a different part of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the world! AOA’s where the wild things are!
  • Don’t fight over your shared plot of grass! If your new neighbours want to place their sparkly unicorn balloon a tiny bit under your party tent, say: ‘Hé Hé that’s okay, we don’t mind it anyway!’ This weekend is all about sharing our campsite with each other.
  • When you do your morning gymnastics, be careful not to wake your neighbours! A good night’s sleep is worth a lot to many amongst us, so we can party on throughout the next day.
  • Never say no if your neighbour asks you for a piece of toilet paper.
  • Keep the noise down a bit! Remember that when you’re in your tent, zipping your tent-entrance shut doesn’t close a real door. We only pretend that it’s a door! A tent is made of really thin lightweight polyester that doesn’t filter out sound. Our tent walls are literally paper-thin!


  • Share your cookies! Cookies make people happy.
  • Organise a camping Bonte Avond.
  • Share your face paint, bindis and glitter.
  • Decorate your camp and, if your neighbours are into it, decorate their camp too!
  • Play music that’s easy to the ears. You might be a big fan of Frans Bauer, but will the girls from the unicorn-camp dig it? Not so much.
  • Organise a morning aerobics class and bring matching headbands for your students. One, two, three, four, stretch!
  • Bring duck tape and tie-wraps. These are camping ESSENTIALS. Seriously, you will save peoples lives and make friends.
  • Keep our green camping clean! Nobody likes to live in other people’s rubbish.

How to make a beautiful camp with these easy peasy DIY camping decoration tips

  • Bring a solar-powered string of lights. They are the cutest and super useful when, after a long festival day, you need to find your tent (trust us)!
  • Bring a portable trashcan or bin bags. Keeping your camp spot clean will instantly make it look more beautiful.
  • Bring bunting! A string of flags really jazz’s up a tent; we prefer self-made bunting with nice fabric or the Free Tribes kind, rather than plastic bunting!
  • Make your own glow in the dark lanterns: fill some old plastic bottles with water and put a few glow in the dark sticks in the bottles. They will glow for a few days and will mark your spot in the dark.
  • Bring a water-resistant picnic rug.
  • Get inspired by the video made by Spell Design, to pimp your Boho campsite!
  • Get creative! Unforgettable memories are made in beautifully creative campsites!